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Oulimata Gueye

Oulimata Gueye is an art critic and curator. She has been studying the impact of digital technology on urban popular culture in Africa. Her fields of investigation include "Africa sf" on digital culture, science and the potential of fiction to develop critical analysis and alternative positions; "Afrocyberféminismes" which explores digital technologies and the associated stakes in contemporary Africa and its diasporas, namely by investigating the place of gender and race; and "Non Aligned Utopias," which revisits the struggle for non-aligned African positionalities under the conditions of contemporary digital practices.

Website: xamxam.org

Other Websites: afrocyberfeminismes.org


Sessions by Oulimata Gueye

TUESDAY, DEC. 11 / 9h30 —» 11h30 / Amphitheatre

Trendwatching Panel on entrepreneurship, arts, and technology trends in Africa